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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Young Jedi

I am Yoda. My job in life is to teach my children to channel their powers for good and not evil, to resist the dark side.  Lacking of course, from my persona, is the endless patience Yoda gives Skywalker throughout their training. I often think Yoda had it easy with his charge! There were signs from the beginning that this would not be an easy job. Hannah has been fighting the force since birth.  When she was less than two months old she held her eyelids open with her little fingers as she started to fall asleep. A fighter she is.

At the age of three we had what I would call our first memorable disagreement. I don't even remember what I told her she could not do, but she promptly stomped upstairs and returned with her little disney suitcase on wheels.

"I'm going to grandma's!"  She anounced.

I asked her what she packed.

"Pinky." (her beloved blankie)

She stormed towards the front door, I followed. I watched her unsuccessfully try to unlock the front door.  After struggling a bit I figured she would give up and go sulk somewhere. I was feeling triumphant when she turned to me with determination all over her face.

"You have to drive me, cause I'm too little!"

At ten years old, she has not changed one bit, in fact the determination she showed me that day has only grown. The force is strong with this one. Her "midi-chorian" counts must be off the charts.  The positive uses for her powers are endless. She stands up for her sister at school when they tease her, and has strong opinions about how others should be treated.  She has the potential to be a champion.

But, my job is far from over,  I must teach her to fight the dark side.  By this I mean she must learn to control her temper.  Yesterday was the sushi meltdown. I apparently made a mistake by giving her little sister two pieces of her California roll from dinner the night before. I could have sworn I had asked her if it was okay, but could have been mistaken (this Yoda might have a few more flaws than the little green one).  The sith hit that fan around lunch time when my little Jedi discovered she only had two pieces left of her sushi. 

Her temper flared to the point I thought objects were going to start flying around me. She demanded I get her more sushi ( not about to happen).  She was so angry that she was breathing a bit heavy, and my mind flashed to her wearing black armor with her red curls stick out of a black helmet, I glimpsed at her dark side and it was not pretty. I offered her other dishes we had left over or that I could make her something else, she finally settled on her two pieces with a side of fried rice.  I heated up the rice in the microwave thinking that she could have probably just used the heat radiating out of her eyes!

Someday her strength and determination will serve her well in life. I can only hope and guide her in this endeavor. If I am unable to succeed, be on the watch for Darth Hannah.

May the Force be with you!


  1. Yes, but will she be the one who will bring balance tom the force?