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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Like vs. Love

Hannah has tutoring every Thursday evening in math.  For the first time she is struggling and her grade in math for the first quarter was a "D". Though I am a teacher, me tutoring her was not an option. Not many people realize that it is very difficult for a teacher to teach their own children,  Homework is a battle unto itself. I was not going to attempt tutoring, so we have one of the other fifth grade teachers at her school working with her once a week in the evening. It is working, she has since brought her grade up to a "B" and her confidence is swelling.

Last week I was on the phone with a friend explaining to her that we were about to leave for Hannah's tutoring. Hannah was in the room when I told her  ( a close friend and a fellow teacher) about Hannah's recent problems in math. Hannah immediately turned to me with actual daggers flying out of her eyes. "MOM!", she growled/yelled, "HOW COULD YOU? YOU TOLD!"

I apparently embarrassed her with sharing this information with a close friend. Part of me was actually happy that she could get embarrassed over a bad grade ( this means she cares,  and will hopefully continue to care about her work). The other part of me was slightly amused at her reaction which is as follows...

"It's my life, my privacy...how could you? You have no right to tell!"

I did apologize for embarrassing her (something tells me this is going to be happening more and more...) and explained that my friend is a teacher who's own child has had similar issues and it is no big deal. I also pointed out how I also said to this friend how proud I am of her improvement and hard work. ( BTW, I am still on the phone with friend at this point).

STOMP! STOMP! SLAM!  ( do I have to explain what these sounds were?)

The subsequent car ride to the bookstore was quiet.  Upon arrival, I was opening the side door of the van for her when it suddenly flew back and slammed into my side.

"MOM! Are you okay?" ( she likes me, she really likes me)
"Yes, sweetie, thank you for asking. I thought you were not talking to me?"

"Mom. Just because I am disliking you right now, does not me I don't love you."

Ahhh, the sweet things our children say.


  1. The rage was... amusing... from my end. I'm just sayin'....

  2. yes but it is only amusing much, much, later. :)