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Monday, August 27, 2012

The Storm Within

Well we survived our little side swipe from Hurricane ( or was is tropical storm) Issac.  Thankfully we can all go off tomorrow to our respective schools and workplace. I think spending another day cooped up in this house would be the equivalent of shaking a soda bottle and opening the cap.

In the beginning, as it always it, it was nice. The girls played together, giggled, made up little games....then it began. The first sign I had was when Shayna wandered into my room with quite the pouting face and explained to me how Hannah was making her "constipated".  Yup, you read that correctly, Constipated. I asked Shayna how this could be, and she proceeded to tell me how Hannah will not play with her.  "oh", I said, you mean frustrated. Constipated is when you can't poop." "No", Shayna said, "She is making me constipated! She is making me angry!"  "Okay, but I think you really mean frustrated." I said.  We went round a bit in circles until I had to convince her that being upset at Hannah may make her frustrated and angry, but probably would, in fact, not make her constipated. I am pretty sure she really did mean frustrated, however, Shayna is a bit stubborn and hates to admit she might be wrong.

After realizing the real impact this storm will have, my darling husband took stock of the situation and decided we needed supplies. He went to the store and came home with three different kinds of chips, assorted cookies, PB and J sandwich stuff, and beer. He will be upset if I fail to mention the few bottles of water and the cans of tuna he brought home. I still do not know what he intended us to do with the  twenty four containers of Easy Mac that clearly require a microwave to cook if we lost power!  This is probably the last ( and note first) year I will let him handle the storm shopping.

So at this point my children, and dogs, are stuffing their faces with junk food and feeling the effects of cabin fever. Now the fight over the TV begins..."I was watching first" "SHE changes the channel" Amazingly the case briefs I was typing did not include "Hannah didn't pause it while I went to pee!"  as a cause of action.

This is when the storm really began. Couch cushions overturned, food scattered across the table,Toys dragged out of rooms and left stranded in hallways...I still do not know how a pink pair of panties ended up on the living room floor.   The good news is that everyone is all right and Shayna now knows the difference between being constipated and frustrated.

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  1. I'm glad that you all survived the storms, inside and out! We love having a side burner on our gas grill. It comes in very handy during power outages. (and it almost always is used for Mac and cheese or pasta!)