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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Good Taste in Universities

So, I have officially started law school and as expected there is some impact on my children. I am hoping that when they see me working hard, it will inspire them to take education seriously and think about their future. Unfortunately, I had not foreseen how my being a full time student would impact their interest and requirements in choosing a higher education.  Take, for instance, the conversation I had in the car with Hannah this morning as I was taking her and her sister to my parents house so I could attend day two of law school orientation. 

Hannah: Do you get to leave for lunch or do you have to stay in school like us?

Me: Well, I can leave, but they also have places on campus to eat, but not like your cafeteria at school. The cafeteria is more like a food court at the mall.

Hannah: Cool! Can I go to your law school?

Me: Hannah, most universities have food courts, University of Florida had a huge one when I was there. If you want to be a lawyer you should go to the best law school that will accept you. This involves hard work and good grades.  If you work hard enough you can even go to Harvard or Yale!

Hannah: So, does Harvard have a big food court?

Me: "sigh."

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