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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Reality Mom

"Mom, you look skinny from far away!" said my daughter as she ran to greet me upon picking her up from aftercare.  Children have a habit of speaking the truth.  My girls remind me when I look bad, when I need to color my hair, and when I need to shave my legs.  I no longer need People magazine to feel unglamorous, just a snuggle with one of my daughters to highlight my imperfections. 

I am not one of those moms who dress in designer clothing and have their nails done every other week. Even for work I dress in jeans and sneakers. I am a teacher for children with special needs. I need to be able to be quick at work and not afraid to get dirty.  I am practical.

I like to feel pretty but between being teacher, mom, and housekeeper; there is really not much time.  My grandmother once told me when I was first married that I should put on a little bit of lipstick for my husband when he comes home from work (she left out the part where I wait for him at the door with a martini, but I got the message).  I am not sure I ever took her advice before children, but after children, the only thing I might have handed him at the door was a baby in need of a change! 

I know they don't read People, but they do watch the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon where the moms always look perfect while doing all the typical "mom stuff".  Yes, the June Cleavers of yesteryear are gone, but they have been replaced by supermoms who have careers and STILL do all of that June Cleaver stuff.  This is much worse! I am expected to work all day and still be awesome. This is not new; I used to watch the Cosby show. Looking back at Claire Huxtible's character I laugh at how they had her cast as a mom who could handle anything.

There are positives to not being perfectly put together. My daughters know that I am not afraid to get dirty, dinner is usually something basic, and I am always available to answer their questions.  They know that it is rare that I am running off to a salon or to a party and I am happy to spend Saturday morning in PJ's with them watching TV and cuddling in my bed. I make no excuses for being unglamorous.  I am comfortable in my "mom jeans".

So if you are one of those mom's who often makes scrabbled eggs for dinner, forgets to color her grays, and sometimes spends the whole weekend in sweats catching up on laundry because her kids said they do not have clean underwear; do not feel bad. You are real.


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    1. That stuff you are supposed to put on your lips to look good. It is supposed to attract men, but I find that my husband will not kiss me with lipstick, he doesn't want to get it on him. Ironic, huh?

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    1. Mom jeans are the best, even better, Pajamas!