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Friday, December 9, 2011

What is a Tweenrager?

Blame it on the hormone laced milk, Miley Cyus, or even bad parenting ( I never claim to know it all); tweenragers are here and they are living under my roof. Ten years ago I gave birth to two beautiful girls, Twins! I watched them grow, laugh, and learn with a smile in my heart. I even survived the terrible twos (I actually thought the threes were worse).  Now, however, I find I have entered a dangerous zone. A place that no one understands (according to my very own twin experts), a place where I am THE most embarrassing person. I am the uninformed, I am no longer considered all knowing. I am...MEAN.

I do understand that many parents are well entrenched in this behavior already, I expected it. I have had the "chuckle" with many about when my girls become teens. BUT THEY ARE NOT TEENS YET! How have I landed in this in between horror? Not yet teens, no longer little girls.  Last week Hannah hissed at me, this week she growled. Am I feeding her too much meat?

Lately I have been sharing my angst through tiny posts on facebook. I find this to be therapeutic and fun at the same time, thus a blog is born.  I end this post with some great words of wisdom from the great Jimmy Buffet "If we couldn't laugh we would all go insane"

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  1. My personal favorite? The LOOK OF DEATH. My 9 1/2 year old has started with it now. Yesterday was the first time. I've actually threatened my daughter (age 12) that if she doesn't stop giving me that look, i'll smack it off her face. Mind you, I've never raised a hand to either child but... the whole teenager thing (or Tweenrager as you like to call it -- very appropriate) gets real old real fast.

  2. Well I would have to agree with that it does get old real fast. My favorite is when my 12 year daughter tells me "YOU JUST DONT KNOW WHAT IT IS LIKE" somewhere in there little minds that do ever think that we were there age once too they just look at us as if we were born old. I took have had the look of death and the rolling of the eyes and I gotta tell ya sometimes it takes you a minute when they do that cause your just in shock that your little baby has a attitude and then you have to figure how to handle it.. I dont know about anyone else but I am still waiting for the book of instructions cause the hospital never gave me one...